We’re Unite4:Good.

A company dedicated to building a sustainable social good movement. It’s our goal to get people around the world active in spreading good.

We develop services that support our goal. It’s our feeling that by building these destinations we can utilize the power of social networking to showcase the best of the best in social good. But that’s not the full reme-dy. Technology is only for support. The real change comes when we as individuals stand up and decide to take positive action to support a specific social good goal.


Our News

Feminism, Gender, and Growing Up

Our News
By Mallory Roberts I heavily identify as a feminist now, and I like to think I’m a good feminist ally. I try to advocate for the rights of those who don’t get to have as loud of a voice as I do, [...]

Fighting the Digital Divide

Our News
Originally written Spring 2015 By Andrew Jones  As the Internet is increasing in size everyday, minorities and low-income communities are being left behind. Not only is there a lack of access to [...]
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